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Weaper3D Raycast Engine Update by Grim123

Weapenstein Alpha

Weaper 3D v1.82
Grim Engine
Weaper 3D v1.7


Weaper3D 1.8 Update - 10/08/03 - This version has textured ceilings and floors. Press the 'F' key to toggle scanline mode.
Weaper3D 1.7 Update - 07/31/03 - New version with speed improvements and bug fixes for level collision.

Weaper3D 1.4 Update - 04/16/03 - Updated version of the Weaper Engine. Features Multi-textured walls and an various optimizations.

1.4 - 03/26/03 Updated version of the Reaper Engine. Now includes exe. Weaper 3D preview is included as well.

1.3 Some features: Right now the engine can run in 4 resolutions(maybe more) Which are: 320 by 200, 640 by 480, 800 by 600, and 1024 by 768. Also, The screen can be resized to a smaller screen if it doesn't run fast enough, Meaning that the view window will shrink when you hit the minus key. Walls are NOT restricted to just 90 degrees. You can have walls at any angle from a top-down perspective, Just like Doom I guess. You can look up or down. Can switch between single color mode(all walls are painted 1 color), multi-color mode(walls are multiple shades - looks nice), Or fully textured walls, Where the walls are obviously textured. Btw, I know the pic shows 640 by 480 at 16 bits per pixel, But as of now, You MUST be able to run at at-least 24 bits per pixel - Otherwise the engine will crash. This is because of the method I use for detecting wall textures and offsets. Anyway, There are other features too, But I'm not going to list them all here. As a side note, The engine was running at 1 frame per second on my 233 mhz laptop in 640 by 480 mode. However, I think someone with a fast computer will get much better results(Remember, this is at 24 bits that I was running it).

Update: The option to switch between line rendering and textured walls has been removed due to problems I'm having with it. Walls are now textured by default. You can still resize the screen to improve performance.